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Solar System


Vargo's star is named Trin in modern times, but in the past it was named Tern, meaning 'set of three'. This name derived from the fact that Vargo's sun is actually one component of a trinary system. The three stars that make up the system orbit each other at a distance of approximately one light year apart, and are named Tern Alpha, Tern Beta, and Tern Gamma. From Vargo, Tern Beta and Tern Gamma are visible as the brightest stars in the sky, visible just after sunset or just before dawn, and sometimes in daylight. They are known in local folklore as 'The Sisters'.


Orbiting Trin first is Phenice, a tiny reddish world that blazes around Trin in only 43 days. Due to its diminutive size, it is rare to see it in the sky, but when it is observed it is easy to see it moving through the night. In folklore, it is called "Bloodfang", the representation of a mythical wolf that stalks the forests of Vargo on cloudless nights.


Trin's second child is Eurymede, herself cold mother to half a dozen small children, moons that cling close to their guardian as if to seek the warmth she has not to spare for them. She is a world of frost and snow, yet there are those who believe her chill oceans bear life beneath their shell of ice.


The third planet, Vargo, is a mostly water-covered world with an abundance of tropical islands. A single main continent floats in the northern hemisphere and houses the majority of humanoid life on the planet.


Sky-blue Azura is Trin's most distant daughter, a grand dame, beautiful yet aloof as she swings her majestic course around her mother. More than a dozen moons accompany her, a proper entourage for the great queen. Yet Azura is not suitable for life: the surface is made of a poisonous cloud of hydrogen and other light elements. Azura's rocky moons are the only surfaces fit for landings.

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