Connecting to the Game

Fading Suns MUSH is a text-based online roleplay game. It uses the telnet protocol, meaning that you will need a telnet client to connect to the game. There are many clients to choose from. If you don't have a client yet, we recommend SimpleMU:

Download SimpleMU

Once you have the client downloaded and installed, you'll need to create a new connection. Typically, clients have an address book or another aptly named place where you store game connection information. You need two pieces of information to connect:

1. The host address -
2. The port number - 4996

Simply input these two pieces of info in the proper fields, and hit connect! A welcome screen should be output to your client.

MUSH Basics

You interact with the game by typing commands into your client. You can bring up a list of valid commands by typing:

+help commands

It will bring up the below list of commands used on Fading Suns. This list does not include every command on the MUSH, but gives you the most important ones and their associated help file.

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