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Government of Vargo

Empire Lands on Vargo are ruled by the Imperial Ministry: Nobles who were sent to Vargo by Emperor Alexius to represent his interests. Though they legally have jurisdiction on all the Empire's territory, their influence is largely limited to the capitol, Vargo City. They depend heavily on other Known Worlds factions to help rule. The Imperial Governor is the head of state, and underneath him are 5 ministers who have specific governmental roles.

Imperial Governor

Head of the Imperial Ministry, the Imperial Governor is the Emperor's acting ruler on Vargo. The Governor is responsible for oversight of the Ministry and the affairs of the Municipal Palace. The Governor also has final say on matters of law within Empire lands on the planet.

Minister of Order

The Minister of Order is in charge of handling civic disturbances and processing criminals, including sentencing. The Minister is the head of the Vargo Civic Guard (VCG) which enforce the laws laid out by the Imperial Governor.

Minister of Finance

City budget, construction projects, new businesses all fall under the Minister of Finance. This office is primarily concerned with making sure taxes are paid and that Vargo City continues positive development and growth.

Minister of Trade

The Minister of Trade approves goods that travel into and out of the city, including those arriving from offworld. All trade contracts with other cities or nations on the planet are handled by this office. This minister must find a balance between imports and exports that is sustainable for Vargo City's development.

Minister of Faith

This representative of the Universal Church is responsible for doctrine interpretation. When two parties have a conflict, this Minister oversees its resolution and the correct interpretation of the doctrine. The Minister of Faith is also the head of the Universal Church on Vargo.

Minister of Intelligence

The Minister of Intelligence gathers information through operatives that work within and outside Vargo City. This information network is used for threat assessment of street rumors and early warnings of attacks from other nations.

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