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Vargo: Imperial Survey


     My fellow Knights of the Phoenix, many of you have come to know me well during the decade that has passed since I entered the Emperor's service. Younger Knights, who joined our glorious Company while I quested in His Majesty's name, seem curiously reserved in my presence. Perhaps they are overwhelmed by the reality of meeting in the flesh the woman whose exploits have been immortalized in such lurid fashion by the magic lantern industry.

     Or mayhap they hear my name, and respond to instinctive apprehension. The reputation enjoyed by my house is not one to encourage trust, this I readily concede, yet by my actions I have proven my unswerving loyalty to the Emperor and the new order that he represents. You may not always agree with my methods, my fellow Knights, but I pray that I have earned your esteem, and your faith, through my personal integrity and my commitment to the Company.

     Having recently returned from a foray into barbarian space, I was asked to pen a volume on the planet Vargo to be included among the Imperial Surveys that His Majesty has requested be made of all the Known Worlds. I cannot claim to be an expert in Vargo's history and society, but I number among a handful of Questing Knights who have visited that troubled world since it was rediscovered near the end of the Emperor Wars.

     One of those Knights was murdered there, under circumstances most foul. Another has left our esteemed Company in a manner some find questionable. I do not claim any superiority over these fallen brethren, but I too faced challenges on Vargo. I remained true to the Emperor, and came away alive to tell the tale. Vargo is not a world to be taken lightly, for intrigue stalks her streets and dark things abide in the shadows around every corner.

Lady Maev Eisnacht Van Gelder*



      *The character Maev Van Gelder is a creation of Carol Repiso