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Your character's physical, mental and spiritual abilities are measured by traits. There are four types of traits. They are rated from zero to ten. Zero meaning non-existent and ten being the best a human being could possibly achieve.

Body Traits

Strength, Dexterity and Endurance:
Fairly self-explanatory. All begin in character generation at a rating of 3.

Mind Traits

Wits: Intelligence and Common Sense.

Perception: Awareness of the external world.

Tech: Understanding of technology.

All begin in character generation at a rating of 3.

Spiritual Traits

Spiritual traits are unusual in that each trait is paired with its opposite. They are called opposed traits, because together, they can never add up to more than ten. They represent both psychological and spiritual states. If the traits are at equal levels, it represents an inner turmoil or psychological disturbance within the character. During character generation, you'll pick one trait of a opposed set to be primary. It will begin at a rating of 3, while its opposite will begin with a rating of 1.

Extrovert and Introvert: How a character deals with the world. Characters with high Extrovert tend to socialize well, and are better at influencing others. Characters with high Introvert are not as dynamic soically, but tend to be better thinkers and creators.

Passion and Calm: Your character's inner nature. Characters with high passion tend to anger quicker, but that energy can also be harnessed for constructive purposes. Characters with high calm tend to resist stress and fear better.

Faith and Ego: Where a character puts her faith: in a greater being or in herself. Characters with high Faith ask for external guidance and intervention, while characters with High Ego tend to rely on their own abilities. It is possible to have high Ego and be a believer ("God helps those who help themselves...").

Occult Traits

Magic or psychic abilities are alive and well in the Known Worlds. At the beginning of character generation, you do not have occult traits. They are purchased later in character generation. Like spiritual traits, they are opposed traits. The first trait represents the power, the second represents the dark side of using that trait. Let the dark side get too strong, and your character will lose control of herself. In each case, there are methods a character can use to fight the influence of the dark side before it gets the better of her.

Psi and Urge: Psychic ability. Urge is the subconcious desire to use the power for selfish destructive ends. As Urge grows, it creates a separate personality within the psychics' mind.

Theurgy and Hubris: The power of faith exhibited by priests. Hubris results from priests forgetting from whence their power comes. At higher levels, unchecked Hubris can lay waste to worlds.


Wyrd: This trait is a measure of a charcters spiritual energy. It can be used for psychic or theurgic powers, or inciting passion and instilling calm.

Vitality: This is a measure of a character's overall health. Each characters base vitality is equal to their Endurance trait plus five.