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Player Tiers

Players in the Fading Suns MUSH are divided into
three groups, depending on their roleplaying skills and responsibilities. When you generate a new character, you begin play in the first tier. First tier players are free to enjoy the Fading Suns MUSH in the manner they choose, as long as they don't violate our terms of service.

     If you're interested in serious roleplaying, you'll want to be considered for the second tier. By demonstrating your desire and ability to roleplay in the Known Worlds, you'll be invited to advance to the second tier. Second Tier characters are generally more powerful and take a part in the political and economic parts of the Fading Suns MUSH. They are also eligible to become Faction Leaders. 

     The third tier is made up of the Faction Leaders. Each of the fifteen major factions has a faction leader, who is responsible for the in character conduct of their faction. They are also responsible for recruiting new members from the ranks of the Freemen, and represent their faction on their group council and at the Imperial council. Faction leaders also play an administrative role in the Fading Suns MUSH, helping to bring new players to the game as well as aiding in the creation of plots and scenarios. Because of this, players can become faction leaders by application only. Check the message board to see if there are available characters.