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Staff Code of Conduct

(Derived from Amberyl's Wizard Ethics)

     1) Staff members shall not enter private rooms without first requesting permission from the room's owner via page, or from players using the room at the time, and shall not enter a public room without announcing his or her presence to all players in that room on the local out-of-character channel.

     2) Staff members shall not enter private or public rooms while set DARK, even when running events in the capacity of storyteller, without making their presence known to players who are in the room, except in cases where the staff member is investigating a report of harassment or other offensive behavior.

     3) Staff members will not divulge personal information about players or other staff, either within the game or to persons outside it, without express permission, except in cases where the staff is taking action against a possible hacker who has attempted to interfere with the game's code base or function.

     4) Staff members shall give all due attention and consideration to player complaints in a timely manner, gathering whatever logs and testimony are required to make a competent evaluation of the matter. Logs shall be made of all conversations with the parties involved so that other staff may review the decision later.

     5) Staff members shall not @boot, siteban, or destroy characters from the game without due cause. Nor shall they @force characters or objects to do anything unless it is necessary to preserve the integrity of the game from malicious code, or to stop offensive behavior which the player persists even after being warned.

     6) Staff members shall respect the proprietary rights of players and other staff to original code, descriptions, or character concepts that they have created. In the event than a coded object interferes with game processes, or spams other players, the staff may HALT that object, informing the creator why this was done and requesting that the object be repair.

     7) Staff members shall not discriminate against players on the basis of real-life race, religion, political beliefs, or sexual orientation, nor prohibit the free expression thereof, so long as said expression does not promulgate an atmosphere of hatred or animosity toward other players.

     8) The staff shall not prohibit players from creating or playing characters on the basis of their own, personal preferences or prejudices. The appropriateness of characters and in-character actions shall be measured solely according to the theme of the game, and any posted rules and restrictions that are applicable.

     9) Staff members shall be courteous and fair to players and other staff at all times, whether they are on-duty or not, and if they are not able to do so are expected to log off until they can. Staff members are expected to set a good example for everyone else, to maintain a friendly and respectful atmosphere within the game community.

     10) Staff members shall not interfere with any player's right to question or dispute a staff-rendered decision involving his or her character, or the characters of others, or to communicate with other players about such matters, so long as the player remains respectful of others and does not disrupt game play.