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The Fading Suns MUSH is based on the universe found within the role-playing and computer game created by Holistic Design. It is our universe, some three thousand years in the future. A future in which mankind's reach has exceeded its grasp, and the greatest of civilizations came crashing down despite of, or perhaps because of, its technological and social sophistication. Left in the wake of that fall: A thousand years of chaos and confusion, a group of planets clinging together, bound by their political and spiritual past but facing an uncertain future. Nearly 40 planets, the Known Worlds, comprise the final remnants of the far-flung Second Republic. The Known Worlds are ruled by a triumvirate of factions.

The Royal Houses, noble families with great wealth and power, own the land and the serfs who work it. The Universal Church of the Celestial Sun, which holds sway over the billions of faithful who look to the priests for hope and guidance. And the League of Merchants, the Guilds which are the survivors of the Second Republic corporations and combines. The Guildsmen hold the secrets of technology and travel that bind the Known Worlds together. It is a dark time for humanity, and getting darker, for the suns are literally fading. There is evil lurking in the darkness, palpable threats: demons, psychic monsters, foul rituals, Void Krakens, all are said to lurk in the shadows at the edges of human awareness.

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