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     The Fading Suns MUSH operates on the basis of consent. This means that everything that happens to your character can only happen if you agree to it. No one can force you to do anything to your character if you don't consent.

     The whole concept of consent is designed govern roleplaying system where different characters have conflicting and competing goals and there is no staff GM available. Consent applies only to your character. You can refuse to consent to your character being killed by another character. But you cannot refuse to consent to another character trying to kill your character. Just as your character (hopefully) is master of his destiny, you as a player are master of your character. You do not have to consent to the death of your character if someone playing a freemen suddenly declares his character is a symbiot and rips your character to pieces. If you've invested lots of time into a character, you don't want to have him destroyed without a very good roleplay reason.

     The caveat is that if you are playing the Fading Suns MUSH, you are roleplaying in the dangerous and violent Known Worlds. In-character actions and decisions have in-character consequences. You cannot insult a Hazat Baron and not expect him to draw on you. You cannot pick a fight with a Muster Captain and not expect her to have you shipped off on a one way trip to Stigmata. If you flash that fancy, high tech think machine around an Avestite enough, you will get to know the working end of a flame gun.

     Players involved in role-playing are expected to discuss situations that could involve peril to their characters, either by page or on the OOC channel, before they reach a moment of decision. If necessary, consult a member of the staff about a situation.

     Consent can be abused. Players who put their characters into roleplay situations that could lead to any sort of harm to their characters must be accept the consequences of their decisions. This means that if you jump off the Empire State Building, you cannot refuse to be splattered on the sidewalks of New York. ABUSE OF CONSENT WILL NOT BE TOLERATED. If your interest is only in having the coolest, most pumped up, super rich, powerful character, then you are in the wrong place. Remember the mantra: In-character actions and decisions have in-character consequences