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Connecting to the Game

The Client

      The Fading Suns MUSH is reachable with a telnet client, a program that communicates with other computers using the telnet protocol. Some operating systems provide a basic telnet client. But, these are rarely adequate for the task. A good MU* client is designed to handle the functions and tasks most needed by people playing various MU*s. There is a wonderful list of MU* clients in the resource section of the Mud Connector. Of the ones you'll find on the page, I highly recommend MUSHclient.


Once you've set up your client program, you'll need to run it and enter the following information.
The host name is:
The port is: 4996
      Sometimes a client will want to know that you are connecting to a MUSH. All of the MUSH/MUX family of servers have similar command structures, and the client simply wants to know how to configure itself.

Logging In

Assuming the MUSH isn't having a problem, you should see something that looks like this pop on on the screen of your client program:

Your choices at this point are to create a new character, connect to an existing one or login as Guest to visit. If you think you might come back, go ahead and create a character. Its painless, and will not result in any unneccesary chain letters or spam. One you create a new character and login, you'll see the following:

Welcome to Fading Suns MUSH!

And a lot of other information... You've made it!