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WHO or who

To find out who's on the MUSH at any given time, you can type WHO or who. Both give you a list of the people currently logged-in to the system.


To speak to some one privately, you can use the page command:
page Zakhayelos=I have a question
You paged Zakhayelos with: I have a question


Most out of character, or OOC, communication is handled on the channel system. There are a variety of channels. But the most basic and useful is the OOC channel.

To Join the OOC channel:
@channel/on OOC
You will then automatically receive the messages on the OOC channel.

To speak on the OOC channel:
+OOC Say something!
<OOC> Michael says, "Say something!"

Local OOC

You can also communicate locally out of character, visible only to other characters in the same room with you.

To speak on Local OOC:
OOC Say something!
<Local OOC> Michael says, "Say something!"