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Player Bill of Rights

     1) Neither the game staff nor another player can force you to engage in roleplay that you, as a player, find offensive or demeaning. In the event that you do consent to something bad or simply uncomfortable happening to your character (consensual sex, assassination, torture, or even rape), you are not required to roleplay that scene merely for other players' entertainment. Unpleasant consequences can be assumed to take place off-camera if that is your preference. Please see the Consent rules for information related to this subject.

     2) Neither the staff nor another player can make life-altering, in-game decisions for your character, nor by inference or spoofing force your character to take actions with potentially dangerous consequences, when you are offline or otherwise unable to speak for yourself, unless you have given explicit permission for them to do so. If your character has been idle without explanation for more than 60 days, the staff may establish a plausible in-game context to remove the character from play, so long as it creates no irreversible harm to the character.

     3) Your right to privacy, in-character and out-of-character, may not be violated by other players, nor by the staff without probable cause. Players and staff shall respect the security of your real-life identity and shall not divulge your name or other personal information without your consent. In private rooms, no hidden staff member or player may observe your roleplay, either firsthand or remotely, without your consent, unless the staff member is investigating a case of misconduct. In public rooms, you have the right to know who is observing a scene at all times.

     4) In the event that you are accused of violating the game's terms of service, or other misconduct harmful to other players, you have the right to an impartial examination of the facts pertaining to the accusation, and shall have an opportunity to present your side of the case. Should the accusation be found valid, you shall not be subjected to unusual or excessive punishment. Punishment shall always be administered in proportion to the nature of the violation in question, up to and including sitebanning should the offense so merit.

     5) The staff shall not forcibly disconnect your character from the game server, except during instances in which your behavior becomes excessively disruptive to in-character gameplay or to public out-of-character conversations of other players, or in which your actions threaten the code base or function of the game. If the staff requests that you cease behavior deemed offensive, failure to comply will result in a single warning that you will be booted from the game if you persist. If the behavior continues you will then be booted.

     6) Neither the staff nor other players shall infringe upon your proprietary rights to original code, descriptions, or character concepts that you have created. No staff member or player may copy such material, disseminate it outside the game, or alter it, without your express permission. In the event that an object you have coded interferes with game processes, spams other players, or slows down the system, the staff may HALT that object and ask you to repair or adjust it, and destroy said object if it is not repaired within a reasonable time.

     7) The staff shall not discriminate against you on the basis of your real-life race, religion, political beliefs, or sexual orientation, nor prohibit your free expression thereof, so long as said expression does not promulgate an atmosphere of hatred or animosity toward other players. Should your personal opinions be expressed in a manner than insults or denigrates another player, in violation of the game's terms of service, the staff may give you a warning, and if that warning is ignored, apply administrative punishment appropriate to the offense.

     8) The staff shall not infringe your right to play characters that hold beliefs or engage in practices in-game that would be considered offensive in the real world, so long as said character conforms to the established theme of the game and adheres to posted rules and restrictions applicable to character creation. In the event that you create a character or undertake in-game actions that violate theme, the staff shall advise you of the transgression so that you undertake corrective action, and if necessary remove the character from play until this is done.

     9) You have the right to courteous and impartial treatment at the hands of the staff and other players at all times, regardless of extenuating circumstances, and shall be expected to offer such behavior in turn to staff and other players. In the event that a member of the staff or another player fails to live up to this expectation you have the right to demand an apology or other redress as required. In turn, the same shall be required of you should you fail to show due respect for the staff and players of the game.

     10) Should you feel that you have been judged unfairly by the staff, and after a sincere attempt to resolve the matter can find no recourse, you have the right to appeal the decision to the game community at large. You must post a public notice announcing your intention to pursue such an appeal, and seek a time and date convenient to at least half of the active players and all parties involved in the dispute. The players shall hear all evidence and testimony pertaining to the dispute, and then resolve the matter by a simple majority vote.