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Terms of Service

The Fading Suns MUSH is a social game and involves a variety of different people at any given time. Players of the Fading Suns MUSH agree to the following Terms of Service:

- Attempts to tamper with or subvert the game, the game code, the server or characters that do not belong to you will result in an immediate ban from the game and a report to the violators ISP.

- Abusive language, threats or harrasment of anyone on the MUSH is strictly forbidden. This includes sexual, racial, religious or any other form of harassment. If a player tells you they are not interested in a certain form or type of role play, you must abide by that. Furthermore, you may not make any assumptions about what another player is interested in. If you don't know, ask. And abide by what you are told. Violators will be banned from the game.

- Lying to the staff, refusing to cooperate with staff, ignoring staff warnings, refusing to work within the theme, and trying to subvert the theme will not be tolerated.

- Keep your bad mood, selfishness, rudeness, discourtesy, 
thoughtlessness or immaturity to yourself. If you can't behave like an adult, you can behave like a child on a different MUSH.

-The expression of racial, religious, sexual or any other intolerance of a particular group is NOT tolerated. Your beliefs  are your own business, but you cannot harass other players on the MUSH based on them. Prejudices and hatreds between *characters* are a dynamic part of role-play, but these should be based on factors in the game world, not the real world.

- The MUSH maintains a PG rating. Inappropriate nudity, "TinySex", swearing, graphic violence and unacceptable crudity are not allowed in public venues on the MUSH. Those venues include: publicly-used or available code and building, @descriptions, @doings, chat channel discussion, public RP, etc.

- All players have a right to privacy on the MUSH. Do not copy their code or text, or take their objects, without their permission. Respect a players right to real life privacy as well. Avoid questions of a sensitive nature about a player's real life.

- The spoofing of other peoples' characters or puppets without their permission is strictly prohibited. Do not force actions upon other peoples' characters by including them in your own poses. This is called 'power-posing' and it is not allowed.

- All players have a right to enjoy roleplaying. If a player is not comfortable with a particular type of RP or a particular scene, you must respect their feelings.

- Players are expected to know the rules and the theme of the game. Occassional problems will arise when a new player is still learning the game. A player will be disciplined if there are repeated violations of the game's rules or theme or if it appears the player is not making an effort to learn the rules and theme.

Violations of any of the previous terms can result in:
- A warning
- @gagging
- removal from IC leadership roles, staff positions.
- loss of character(s)
- site ban
- report to ISP

If you have concerns about someone's behavior, we urge you to contact a wizard or +staff member so that the problem can be addressed. People often assume that someone else will mention it, but if everyone assumes that, we won't hear about the problem. We want to ensure that the game is an enjoyable place to be, but we can't achieve that goal if we don't know what's concerning people. The names of others present or a log of the event is helpful, but not necessary.