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The Suns are Fading

It is the dawn of the sixth millennium and humanity's greatest civilization has fallen, leaving a new Dark Age to descend upon the Known Worlds. Peasants huddle in ignorance and fear among the ruins of past grandeur, waiting for the suns themselves to fade to cinders while haughty nobles, scheming guilders, and righteous clergy squabble over the technological remnants of the lost Second Republic. Will the new Emperor, Alexius, halt this descent into darkness and restore humankind's belief in renewal and progress, or will the Light fade at last from the universe?

Welcome to Vargo

In the year 4994, Alexius' scouts rediscovered Vargo, a planet that had been isolated from the rest of humanity for a thousand years. The factions of the Empire descended upon Vargo to claim it for their own. Almost immediately, the newly established government found itself under siege by hostile forces: native insurrections, malevolent antinomists, and invading barbarians. The Known Worlders have managed to hold those enemies at bay. Within Vargo City, the Empire's capitol on the planet, Nobles, Priests, and Merchants continue to vie for power. Influence and wealth are always changing hands. Opportunities to claim fame, fortune, or infamy rest within the buildings, streets, and dark alleys of Vargo City...

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